Löwenbräu Beer Hall


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Dates & times are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change, please check local sources for latest updates

The Lowenbrau Beer Tent is one of the largest and most popular tents at the Munich Beer Festival, also known as Oktoberfest. The festival, which takes place annually in Munich, Germany, is the largest beer festival in the world and attracts millions of visitors each year.

The Lowenbrau Beer Tent has a long history, dating back to the early 19th century. The tent is named after the Lowenbrau brewery, which was established in Munich in 1383. The brewery has a long tradition of producing high-quality beer, which is still enjoyed by visitors to the beer tent today.

The Lowenbrau Beer Tent is known for its lively atmosphere, with traditional Bavarian music, food, and of course, beer. The tent can accommodate up to 8,500 people and has a large outdoor seating area as well. The interior of the tent is decorated in traditional Bavarian style, with wooden benches and tables, colorful banners, and a large stage for the live music performances.

The beer served at the Lowenbrau Beer Tent is the famous Lowenbrau beer, which is brewed on site during the festival. The beer is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor and is a favorite among beer enthusiasts around the world. Visitors to the beer tent can order their beer by the liter or half-liter, and the servers, known as beer maids or beer wenches, are known for their quick service and friendly demeanor.

In addition to the beer, the Lowenbrau Beer Tent offers a variety of traditional Bavarian dishes, including roasted pork knuckles, sausages, and pretzels. The food is served in generous portions and is the perfect accompaniment to the beer.

The atmosphere in the Lowenbrau Beer Tent is lively and festive, with visitors from all over the world coming together to enjoy the beer, food, and music. The tent is a great place to meet new people and experience the rich culture of Bavaria.

In conclusion, the Lowenbrau Beer Tent is one of the must-visit locations at the Munich Beer Festival. With its rich history, traditional Bavarian atmosphere, and delicious beer and food, it is no wonder that the tent attracts visitors from around the world each year. Whether you are a beer enthusiast or just looking for a good time, the Lowenbrau Beer Tent is the perfect destination for an unforgettable Oktoberfest experience.

Dates & times are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change, please check local sources for latest updates

The Löwenbräu tent is extraordinarily popular with foreign tourists.

Wiggerl Hagn, who runs the tent of the Löwenbrauerei is the most senior landlord at Oktoberfest. Even before taking over the Löwenbräuzelt in 1979, his family served Oktoberfest visitors at Schützenzelt from 1953 on. The tent’s longest-serving employee, however, greets his guests even longer: since 1949 a lion above the main entrance has been making sure, that everyone knows, they are drinking “Löööööwenbräääääu”.

The essential look of the tent dates back to 1956, the current building was constructed in 1999. Unfortunately, the traditional paintings on the front were replaced by large windows in 2012. Fortunately, in 2016 a slightly modified facade premiered, at least removing the shabby shutters. Also the tower was rebuilt in the same year. In 2011 the 16500 light bulbs illuminating the interior were replaced by LEDs.