Paulaner Beer Hall Winzerer Fähndl


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Already in the 19th century there was the marquee "Winzerer Fähndl" at the Oktoberfest. In 1895, the crossbow shooter company "Winzerer Fähndl" participated for the first time at the Oktoberfest at the invitation of the city of Munich. The Thomas Brewery (which merged with Paulaner in 1928) gave the shooters a grant to build their own beer hall and supplied it to them. The castle to the "Winzerer Fähndl" made at that time by an imposing, 26 meters high tower in the style of a knight castle attention. By the way, anyone who thinks of wine in the word "Winzerer" is wrong. This refers to the Bavarian peasant war hero and knight Kaspar Winzerer (1475-1542) from Tölz, whom the shooters revered and under whose Fähndl they liked to gather.

The widely recognizable landmark, the bright yellow tower with the oversized pitcher on it, exists in similar form for more than 100 years. With an estimated 42,300 liters of theoretical capacity, it turns majestically above the Paulaner beer garden, which insiders consider to be the most beautiful Oktoberfest beer garden.

Today's "Paulaner marquee" is located at the foot of the Bavaria and in the immediate vicinity of the Oide Wiesn or the exhibition center of the ZLF. It is one of the most popular places on the Oktoberfest. The atmospheric family tent is a meeting place for young and old, regulars, celebrities and guests from all over the world. It is even rumored that in 1984 the then band Heinz Müller had for the very first time the song "I will haam nach Fürstenfeld" in their repertoire and the guests wanted to hear it several times in the evening.

In 2010, on the bicentenary of the Wiesn, the tent was completely renovated and redesigned. Incidentally, the construction of the marquee takes 90 days, the reduction, however, only 30 days. From mid-July, around 58 trucks will bring the tent components to the Theresienwiese, so that, right on time for Oktoberfest, everything will be ready when it's time again: O'zapft is!

Swinging happily in the best of moods and with the pure Oktoberfest feeling, visitors from all over the world enjoy the biggest folk festival in the world. Of course you can not miss the tasty Paulaner Oktoberfest beer.